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Erasmus+ Teacher Training Course Registration

Ready to apply?  

Please fill out this registration form.


For Erasmus+ participants: Once you submit your application, we'll get in touch with you with details about your mobility. We are going to use the information provided to create the Mobility Agreement for your Erasmus+ course.


Your registration is not binding until we sign the mobility documents, so feel free to register even if your Erasmus+ project hasn't been approved yet.

This way we know how many people we can expect for each course date and location so we can close applications if we reach the limit of participants and save you a spot.

For non-Erasmus+ participants: You can attend our courses even if you are not a part of Erasmus+. Please register here for your desired course, but put a "-" sign into fields about Erasmus+. 

Information about the participant

Information about the sending institution

Information about the Erasmus+ course

Choose the course you would like to attend, along with the date and location.

Thanks for applying! Check your e-mail.

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