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Unleash Your Teaching Potential with Our Professional Development Courses


Why choose us?

Empower yourself and your students with our innovative professional development courses for educators. We understand the challenges teachers face, and that's why we've designed practical, hands-on programs to supercharge your classroom skills and boost your productivity.

Target Your Learning:

  • Refine your teaching techniques: Explore the latest methodologies and discover new ways to engage students.

  • Master new technologies: Integrate cutting-edge tools to enhance learning and improve your workflow.

  • Unleash fresh approaches: Explore diverse pedagogical styles to inspire and empower your students.


Unforgettable Learning Experiences:

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from passionate, experienced educators dedicated to your success.

  • Immerse Yourself in Inspiration: Choose from exciting European locations like Berlin, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Tenerife, and Osijek. Each city offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty, enriching your professional development journey.

  • Affordable Excellence: All courses are eligible for ERASMUS+ funding, making professional development accessible.


Find Your Perfect Course:

Browse our comprehensive course list and discover programs designed to elevate your teaching and make a lasting impact on your students. We're confident you'll find a course that sparks your passion and propels you forward in your educational journey.

Erasmus+ Course Topics


AugmentED: AI/AR Tools

5-day course

Berlin, Tenerife, Zagreb, Osijek

Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence in education, and create classroom materials and immersive experiences with Augmented Reality


Tech-Savvy Teaching

6-day course

Berlin, Zagreb, Osijek

Learn how to use technology and various digital tools to enhance learning

Do you need a custom-made course for your organization?

Get in touch with us for a custom solution. We can create a special course, specifically for your needs.

Erasmus+ Quality Standards


As a provider of ERASMUS+ teacher training courses, OPAL Teacher Training is committed to adhering to the highest quality standards. Through our courses, we strive to provide valuable learning experiences that are engaging, practical, and relevant to the needs of teachers.

One way we ensure the quality of our courses is by following the ERASMUS+ Quality Standards. These standards, developed by the European Commission, provide guidance and criteria for the design, implementation, and evaluation of ERASMUS+ projects.

At OPAL Teacher Training, we adhere to the ERASMUS+ Quality Standards in several key ways:

  • We provide transparent and complete information about our courses, including the learning objectives and methods, the schedule and location of the activities, and the fees and services included. We offer a straightforward application process and provide necessary preparation and equipment information to participants.

  • In the event of any changes or cancellations, we offer participants the opportunity to cancel their participation at no extra cost and with reasonable notice.

  • Our courses are designed to be high quality, interactive, and engaging, and use up-to-date and evidence-based content that is relevant to the field. We deliver our courses using experienced educators who are experts in their field. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with participants. We incorporate digital tools into our courses and encourage networking and intercultural learning among participants. We carefully design our courses to ensure they are relevant and useful to teachers. 

  • We provide support to participants before, during, and after the course and ensure that our facilities and services meet their needs.

  • We provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment for our participants. Our courses are collaborative and interactive, and provide opportunities for participants to learn from each other and share their experiences.

  • We regularly assess the quality and effectiveness of our courses and gather feedback from participants to continuously improve. We evaluate our courses regularly to ensure they are meeting the needs of participants and achieving their intended outcomes. We use a variety of methods to gather feedback and make improvements as needed.


By adhering to the ERASMUS+ Quality Standards, we are able to provide high-quality teacher training courses that are engaging, practical, and relevant. 

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