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Contemporary Strategies for Adult Education Professionals




5 Days


Berlin, Zagreb, Osijek

About the Course

Welcome to the Contemporary Strategies for Adult Education Professionals course, an immersive ERASMUS+ teacher training program designed to equip educators in the field of adult education with strategies to excel in their profession. This course delves into innovative teaching methodologies, counseling approaches, and management practices tailored specifically for adult learners. By exploring these key topics, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome challenges and create meaningful learning experiences for adult learners at an institutional level.

We'll cover three areas:

Motivating Adult Learners: One of the primary challenges in adult education is keeping learners motivated and engaged throughout their educational journey, so we will work on effective motivational techniques, drawing on theories and practical strategies that inspire adult learners to stay motivated, set and achieve goals, and embrace a lifelong learning mindset.

Management and Productivity of Learners and Staff: Managing learners and staff in an adult education setting requires strong organizational skills and effective management practices. This course will delve into the principles of effective time management, task delegation, and resource allocation to optimize the productivity of both learners and staff. Participants will learn how to create structured learning environments, establish clear expectations, and implement strategies for effective communication and collaboration among learners and colleagues.

Collaborative Teaching Methods: Collaborative learning has proven to be highly effective in adult education, enabling learners to actively participate, share ideas, and engage in collective problem-solving. Throughout this course, participants will explore various collaborative teaching methods to enhance the level of engagement and knowledge-sharing among adult learners, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the classroom.

By participating in the Contemporary Strategies for Adult Education Professionals course, educators will develop a comprehensive toolkit of strategies to address the unique challenges faced in the field of adult education. Through a combination of theoretical insights, practical workshops, and collaborative discussions, participants will acquire the necessary skills to motivate adult learners, optimize management and productivity, and implement collaborative teaching methods.


  • teachers at adult education institutions

  • education professionals such as curriculum developers and managers, who wish to incorporate contemporary strategies in their adult education institutions


By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Apply adult learning theories in practice.

  • Conduct motivational techniques to engage and inspire adult learners, fostering a positive and conducive learning environment.

  • Develop management strategies to enhance the productivity of both learners and staff, ensuring effective organization and smooth functioning of adult education programs.

  • Use collaborative teaching methods and cooperative learning approaches to facilitate active participation and knowledge sharing among adult learners.

  • Counsel adult learners in overcoming challenges and reaching their educational goals.

  • Inclusivity and diversity

  • Digital transformation

  • Participation in democratic life, common values and civic engagement


Day 1 - Monday:

  • Course introduction, Objectives, Syllabus, Practicalities

  • School Introductions/Presentations

  • Exploring strategies to motivate adult learners, including goal setting and creating a supportive learning environment.

  • Sharing experiences about the topic in collaborative group activities

  • Introduction to effective time management techniques for learners and staff in adult education.

CULTURAL ACTIVITY IN THE AFTERNOON: Get to know the city through a Treasure Hunt activity

Day 2 - Tuesday:

  • Understanding adult learners' diverse needs and tailoring instruction to meet their specific requirements.

  • Exploring innovative teaching methodologies for adult education, including experiential learning and problem-based learning.

  • Introduction to effective communication strategies for adult education professionals.

Day 3 - Wednesday:

  • Collaborative teaching methods for adult learners, including group work, peer learning, and cooperative learning strategies.

  • Developing strategies for managing and resolving conflicts among adult learners.

  • Exploring the role of technology in adult education and its potential for enhancing learning outcomes.

Day 4 - Thursday:

  • Counseling approaches for adult education professionals, including providing guidance and support to learners.

  • Developing strategies for assessing and evaluating adult learners' progress and achievements.

  • Exploring methods for fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development among adult education staff.

CULTURAL ACTIVITY: One more cultural activity that is included in the course price will be held on one of the days of the course. The exact time will be determined before the start of the course, taking into account the travel arrangements of participants. Visit the destination pages to see the details of these activities in each city.

Day 5 - Friday:

  • Review and reflection on the course content and learning outcomes.

  • Developing an action plan for implementing the strategies and approaches learned during the course in participants' own adult education settings.

  • Certificate of Attendance

Join us for this enriching ERASMUS+ teacher training course, where you will expand your knowledge, develop practical skills, and network with fellow adult education professionals. Register now to secure your spot on the course.




  • 26.08. - 31.08.2024.

Need to have the course on specific dates not listed here? Send us an email and we'll try to organise it for you!

*Additional dates to be announced.


Course language



We provide all the documentation you need for your mobility: Mobility Agreement, Registration Letter, Invoice, and Certificate of Attendance.


Participants are required to bring their own laptops.


On the last day of the course, a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to each participant who attends at least 80% of the course. If due to travel arrangements the participant cannot attend the last day of the course, the Certificate of Attendance can be awarded earlier.


Classes will take place every day from 9.00 am to 1 p.m. or from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. All the details will be provided to each participant over e-mail at least 1 week before the start of the course.

Cultural activities

The course fee includes 2 cultural activities, with the option to book additional cultural activities through our CULTURE PACK (information available on destination pages). 

Course fee

400 EUR per participant (eligible for full Erasmus+ funding, or any other lifelong learning/professional development grant)

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