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Mindful Teaching




6 Days


Berlin, Amsterdam, Zagreb, Osijek

About the Course

This 6-day ERASMUS+ teacher training course is designed for teachers of all levels and school staff who want to learn effective strategies to prevent burnout and cultivate a mindful approach to teaching. 

Participants will explore the causes and symptoms of burnout, as well as various mindfulness techniques that can be integrated into the classroom to promote teacher wellbeing and improve student learning outcomes. 

Burnout in teachers can be caused by a variety of factors, including high workloads, long hours, and limited support from colleagues or administrators.

Additionally, some teachers may feel a sense of isolation or disconnection from their work, or experience a lack of autonomy and control over their teaching environment. Over time, these stressors can take a significant toll on teachers' physical and mental health, leading to burnout. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including exhaustion, irritability, and reduced job satisfaction, which can ultimately impact the quality of instruction and support provided to students.

Burnout is a serious issue that affects many teachers worldwide, even leading to leaving the teaching profession entirely. In addition, teacher burnout can also have an indirect effect on students' academic performance, as it can affect the quality of instruction, classroom management, and teacher-student relationships. 

By addressing burnout prevention and promoting mindfulness practices for teacher well-being, we aim to create a more positive and productive teaching environment that supports the needs of both teachers and their students.

The course will be delivered in Berlin, Amsterdam, Zagreb, and Osijek and will include cultural activities to enhance the learning experience.


By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  1. Interpret the causes and symptoms of burnout and recognize the signs of burnout in yourself and your colleagues.

  2. Practice various mindfulness techniques that can be integrated into your daily teaching practice to promote wellbeing and reduce stress.

  3. Develop strategies to prevent burnout and build resilience in your professional and personal lives.

  4. Implement self-care and self-compassion for maintaining teacher wellbeing.

  5. Foster a positive school culture and support system for colleagues to promote a healthier work environment.

  • Inclusivity and diversity


DAY 1 - Monday
  • Course introduction, Objectives, Syllabus, Practicalities

  • School Introductions/Presentations

  • Introduction to burnout prevention, stress triggers, and the benefits of mindfulness for teacher wellbeing.

  • Understanding the causes and symptoms of burnout and recognizing the signs in oneself and colleagues.

  • Sharing experiences about the topic in collaborative group activities

CULTURAL ACTIVITY IN THE AFTERNOON: Get to know the city through a Treasure Hunt activity

DAY 2 - Tuesday
  • Introduction to and practicing mindfulness techniques for stress reduction and self-care.

  • Group discussions and reflections on the challenges of maintaining teacher wellbeing in a high-stress environment.

DAY 3 - Wednesday
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques for improving focus and attention in the classroom.

  • Developing strategies for integrating mindfulness into the classroom to support student learning outcomes.

DAY 4 - Thursday
  • Exploring the benefits of self-compassion and self-care for maintaining teacher wellbeing.

  • Developing tools and strategies for self-care and self-compassion in one's personal and professional life.

DAY 5 - Friday
  • Cultivating resilience and preventing burnout through mindfulness and self-care.

  • Group work on building a positive school culture and supporting colleagues.

  • Peer review of tools and strategies from previous classes

DAY 6 - Saturday
  • Feedback on the course

  • Portfolio collection

  • Certificate of Attendance

CULTURAL ACTIVITY: One more cultural activity that is included in the course price will be held on one of the days of the course. The exact time will be determined before the start of the course, taking into account the travel arrangements of participants. Visit the destination pages to see the details of these activities in each city.




  • 23.9. - 28.9. (Wine season)

  • 30.9. - 5.10. (Wine season)

  • 21.10. - 26.10.

  • 28.10. - 2.11.


  • 2.12 - 7.12. (Award-winning Advent)

  • 9.12. - 14.12. (Award-winning Advent)


  • 26.8. - 31.8.

  • 4.11 - 9.11.

  • 11.11. - 16.11.


  • 14.10. - 19.10.

Need to have the course on specific dates not listed here? Send us an email and we'll try to organise it for you!

*Additional dates to be announced.


Course language



We provide all the documentation you need for your mobility: Mobility Agreement, Registration Letter, Invoice, and Certificate of Attendance.


Participants are required to bring their own laptops.


On the last day of the course, a Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to each participant who attends at least 80% of the course. If due to travel arrangements the participant cannot attend the last day of the course, the Certificate of Attendance can be awarded earlier.


Classes will take place every day from 9.00 am to 1 p.m. or from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. All the details will be provided to each participant over e-mail at least 1 week before the start of the course.

Extra (cultural) activities

The course fee includes 2 cultural activities, with the option to book additional cultural activities through our CULTURE PACK (information available on destination pages). 

Course fee

480 EUR per participant (eligible for full Erasmus+ funding, or any other lifelong learning/professional development grant)

Just a few pics from our courses so far...

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