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Top 10 End-of-Year Activities For Any Classroom

As the school year is coming to an end, we have compiled a list of 10 end-of-year activities you can do with your students to finish off the school year on a positive note. Choose the one you like and let us know in the comments what your class thought of it:

1. Create a survival guide for the next year's class

Who would be more suitable to offer guidance to the incoming class about the essential elements for their success than the students who have recently completed the same journey? They can individually draft letters or collaborate to compile a checklist of the requirements needed to excel in the upcoming grade level.

2. Play end-of-year charades

If you're seeking entertaining activities, consider playing a game of charades! Here's how it works: ask each student to jot down a significant and memorable moment from the school year on a small piece of paper. Gather all the slips and place them in a bag, hat, or any other container. Divide the students into teams and have them take turns approaching the container, selecting a slip, and silently acting out the memory written on it for their team to guess. Keep in mind that there's no requirement to keep score; the primary objective is to revisit and celebrate the joyful memories from the past year.

3. Create time capsules

Time capsules are timeless end-of-year activities that students thoroughly enjoy. Encourage them to create their own time capsules, which can be opened and revisited in the future. The process can be as straightforward as using a plastic water bottle and filling it with written memories, or students can opt for a shoebox and fill it with various items that symbolize their experiences and acquired knowledge throughout the school year. The key is to let their creativity shine as they assemble these personal keepsakes, which will surely become cherished mementos to reflect upon in years to come.

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4. Set up a DIY photo booth

Photo booths are not only fantastic for the beginning of the school year, but they also serve as a delightful addition during the final days of the academic year. They provide a wonderful opportunity for students to capture lasting memories with their friends before parting ways for the summer break. By setting up a photo booth, you can encourage students to take fun and creative photos together, preserving the special moments and friendships they have formed throughout the school year. Whether it's using props, costumes, or a themed backdrop, the photo booth experience will undoubtedly create cherished keepsakes that students can treasure and look back upon with fondness.

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5. Pass the plate activity

To create a heartwarming keepsake for the school year, you can easily organize an activity using paper plates and colorful markers. Start by providing each student with a paper plate and ask them to write their name in the center. Then, initiate a passing game where each student receives a plate and writes complimentary words or kind messages to describe their classmates. Afterward, they pass the plate to the next student, who adds their own thoughtful words. This process continues until every student has contributed to each plate. By the end, every student will have a lovely memento adorned with kind words from their classmates, serving as a beautiful reminder of the connections and positivity shared throughout the school year.

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6. Make a class video

A wonderful end-of-year activity is to create a class video using pictures taken throughout the year. Start by gathering all the photos captured during various events and activities. Older students can contribute by adding captions and selecting suitable background music to enhance the video's appeal. Additionally, consider including live footage of students sharing their favorite memories or talking about the most cherished parts of the year. This can be done through interviews or short video clips. By combining pictures, captions, music, and live footage, you'll create a captivating class video that encapsulates the highlights and experiences of the school year.

7. Play Find Someone Who with Top Five Summer lists

As the summer approaches, creating the Top Five Summer Lists can be a fun and engaging activity. Let the students create their Top Five lists and then mingle with their classmates to find out if anyone has the same answers. The lists can include something like:

  1. Top Five Movies to Watch

  2. Top Five Outdoor Activities

  3. Top Five Summer Recipes to Try

  4. Top Five Songs for a Summer Playlist

  5. Top Five Fun Science Experiments

  6. Top Five Games to Play with Friends

  7. Top Five DIY Crafts to Make

  8. Top Five Sports or Athletics to Try

  9. Top Five Beach Essentials

  10. Top Five Historical Sites to Visit

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8. Rate the teacher

To get student feedback on your teaching, consider implementing a "Rate the Teacher" survey. This survey can be conducted online using tools like Google Forms or other survey applications, but printable versions can also serve the purpose. The survey should include rating scales for students to assess different aspects of your teaching, along with an option for leaving comments. For younger students, incorporating happy/neutral/sad faces can make it more accessible and engaging. To encourage honest and valuable feedback, it is advisable to make the survey anonymous. This activity not only provides students with an opportunity for reflection but also offers you valuable insights into your teaching practices.

9. Organize a scavenger hunt

Engage students in an exciting and educational activity by organizing a scavenger hunt either within the school premises or specifically within the classroom. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Develop Clues: Prepare a series of educational clues that lead students to various locations or objects. The clues can be related to topics covered during the school year or involve solving puzzles, riddles, or trivia questions.

  2. Hide Clues: Hide the clues in strategic locations around the school or classroom. Make sure the difficulty level is appropriate for the age and grade of the students participating.

  3. Divide into Teams: Divide the students into teams, ensuring an equal number of participants in each group. You can assign team names or allow them to choose their own.

  4. Explain the Rules: Briefly explain the rules of the scavenger hunt, including guidelines for behavior, safety, and fairness. Emphasize the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

  5. Start the Hunt: Provide the first clue to each team and let them start searching for the subsequent clues. Encourage them to read and discuss the clues together to solve them.

  6. Educational Twist: To incorporate an educational element, consider including questions or tasks related to the curriculum in each clue. This will reinforce their learning while having fun.

  7. Prize or Reward: Determine a prize or reward for the winning team, such as small certificates or tokens of recognition. However, emphasize that participation and teamwork are equally important.

Scavenger hunts can be a fantastic way to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and exploration. It adds an element of excitement to the learning environment and leaves lasting memories for the students. If you need some ready-made resources, check our webshop.

10. Host a trivia quiz

Host a trivia quiz to review key concepts from the year and foster friendly competition. Prepare a set of questions covering different subjects and difficulty levels. Determine the format, whether it's individual or team-based, and establish clear rules. Conduct the contest, allowing participants to discuss answers before responding. Calculate scores to declare a winner and take the opportunity to review questions and concepts. The trivia quiz engages participants, promotes critical thinking, teamwork, and active participation while reinforcing knowledge gained throughout the year.

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How do you celebrate the end of school year with your students? Share your ideas in the comments :)


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