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How to Disseminate ERASMUS+ Project Results?

Once you have completed your ERASMUS+ project, it's important to disseminate the results in order to share your findings and insights with others. Dissemination is the process of sharing your project results with a wider audience in order to spread the word about ERASMUS+ and what it has helped you achieve.

This process can take many different forms. Some common ways to disseminate ERASMUS+ project results include:

  • Writing a report or paper: One way to disseminate your project results is to write a report or paper that summarizes your findings and insights. This can be published in a professional journal or conference proceedings, or made available on the project website or through other online platforms.

  • Presenting at a conference or workshop: Another way to disseminate your project results is to present them at a conference or workshop. This can provide a platform for you to share your findings with a wider audience, and can also be an opportunity to receive feedback and engage in discussions with other researchers and practitioners.

  • Sharing on social media: Social media platforms can also be a useful way to disseminate your project results. You can create a special page for your project, share updates, highlights, and key findings on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and engage with others who are interested in your project.

  • Developing a website or online resource: Depending on the nature of your project, you may also want to develop a website or online resource that provides detailed information about your project and its results. This can be a valuable resource for others who are interested in your project and can help to increase the visibility and impact of your work.

  • Engaging with the media: Engaging with the media can also be an effective way to disseminate your project results. This can involve writing a press release, giving interviews, radio talks, or participating in other media activities to raise awareness of your project and its findings.

  • Share on official ERASMUS+ platforms: Sharing the project results on official ERASMUS+ platforms includes writing blog posts, updates and sharing resources on the Erasmus+ Project Results platform, EPALE, European School Education Platform or participating in ERASMUS+ days organized by your National Agency.

Overall, there are many different ways to disseminate your ERASMUS+ project results, and the best approach will depend on the nature of your project and the audience you are trying to reach. The key is to identify the most effective ways to share your findings and insights with others, include this plan in your application, stick to it during project implementation and engage with others who are interested in your work.

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