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This set of 6 different board game templates with accompanying game cards can be edited with your own text IN ANY LANGUAGE and used for any subject to play at school, perfect for revision classes or educational activities at home.


Our board game templates are designed with bright and colorful graphics to engage and motivate students while learning. All you have to do is write game questions or prompts for your subject in the provided templates. Each template has an editable board and game cards that can be customized to fit any subject, making it a versatile resource for teachers, tutors, and parents. 


Here are some examples of how you can use our board game templates for different subjects:


  • Mathematics: Create a board game to review multiplication tables, fractions, or geometry concepts. Use our game cards to include math problems that students must solve to advance on the board.

  • Science: Design a board game to review the different states of matter, the periodic table, or the parts of a cell. Use our game cards to include questions about scientific concepts and theories.

  • Language Arts: Create a board game to review grammar rules, vocabulary, or literary elements such as plot, setting, and character development. Use our game cards to include sentences or phrases for students to identify the correct usage or literary terms.


Our board game templates are perfect for individual or group activities and can be used in the classroom or at home. With our digital printable material, you'll have everything you need to create a fun and engaging educational game that will make learning enjoyable for your students. Order now and start creating your own customized board games today!

Board Game Templates - Editable PDF

  • This is a DIGITAL product, which means that you will receive a link to download an A4 format PDF file including:

    • 6 different designs of editable board game templates
    • 6 different designs of editable game card templates
    • instructions
  • any

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