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Professional development (Erasmus+) courses and teaching resources to boost your productivity without burning out.

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Game Playing Pieces

Gamify Your Classroom

Learn how to design and implement immersive game-based learning experiences, such as escape rooms, scavenger hunts and more in your classroom.

Summer 2024 in Tenerife, Zagreb or Osijek

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AugmentED: Empowering Learning with AR and AI Tools

Discover innovative ways to enhance learning experiences through hands-on exploration of AR and AI apps, tools, and platforms.

Summer 2024 in Tenerife, Zagreb or Osijek

Meetup Event

Entrepreneurship in Education

Explore innovative teaching methods and workshop techniques to effectively teach entrepreneurship in the classroom.

Summer 2024 in Tenerife, Zagreb or Osijek

What our participants say about us

Uli from Germany

"The most valuable part of the Gamify Your Classroom course was practice! Eva knows exactly what she is doing, and offers a lot new digital tools. She helped a lot by preparing material with digital tools and ideas."

Bits and pieces from our courses

Visual Project

ERASMUS+ KA1: From Idea to Implementation

Learn how to write a successful Erasmus+ KA1 Application

Join our self-paced online course to learn all about how to turn your Erasmus+ KA1 idea into an approved project. Through this 5-step program, you will learn and apply all the best practices recommended by our Erasmus+ experts. *Professional development certificate included

Teachers collaborate in pair work during ERASMUS+ teacher training course

How we can help you


ERASMUS+ Teacher Training Courses

Travel and collaborate with colleagues from all over Europe with our ERASMUS+ teacher training courses. We make sure everything goes smoothly - from your registration, documentation, and course contents, all the way to your final certificates and follow-ups. Our courses focus on practical skills and follow the ERASMUS+ priorities, along with our goal of making your job easier when you return to your school. 


Teaching Resources

Lesson planning for busy teachers can often feel more like a chore than a joyful creative process, so we have prepared various resources that save you time, engage your students and follow the most contemporary teaching methods. And best of all, they let you focus on things that matter to you the most: be it your loved ones, your hobbies, your alone time, or whatever it is that makes you closer to reaching that life-work balance you strive for.

Explore the Collection

Ready-made teaching resources that save you time on planning, while still enabling you to deliver awesome lessons!

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